The MGA technology

Miscibility Gap Alloys (MGA) are newly developed thermal batteries or thermal energy storage media which have the potential to revolutionise thermal storage for electricity generation or energy-intensive industry, by providing a cost-effective means of stable long-term energy storage.

The alloys comprise 2 components, one that will melt when energy is applied and store energy, while the other stays solid and contains the first phase. The resulting structure exhibits the high energy storage capacity and constant temperature storage of a phase change system while macroscopically behaving as a continuously solid modular block. This means that there are no containment issues normally seen when trying to store high-temperature molten materials. As we only use materials which exhibit a miscibility gap, in our patented inverse microstructure our technology safe, cheap and easy to use.

Our vision is to develop incorporate these thermal energy storage products to allow high-efficiency electricity generation from stored solar energy, and enhance future technologies.

Miscibility gap alloy technology is also very promising in the field of waste heat recovery and storage, not just solar heat, but any heat produced by an industrial, or other, process. This heat could be used to generate electricity, drive other industrial process requiring heat, or simply building heating.