CSIRO’s ON Accelerate5

Over the last 6 months (Jan-June, 2019) we have been fortunate enough to participate in CSIRO’s ON Accelerate 5 program. The ON Accelerate program has been a fantastic way to accelerate the commercial arm of our technology into the future.

The CSIRO ON team were instrumental in the founding of our company, developing our pitching and business acumen, and building both commercial and research networks.

Thanks to the ON team for guiding us through this enriching process, and we would encourage any other Australian research team looking to commercialise their technology to apply for this prestigious accelerator.

We would also like to thank the Accelerate5 facilitators: Ian Brown, and David Ireland, along with our fantastic mentors: Martin Duursma, Paul Howdle, and Kate Hines.


SolarPACES 2018 – Casablanca

In late 2018 several members of our team presented their research at the 2018 SolarPACES conference in Casablanca, Morocco. Conference proceedings should be available soon.

The SolarPACES conference attracts experts in the field of concentrated solar power (CSP) and associated technologies from around the world. This was a great opportunity to present MGA technology to the world, and also to keep up to date on cutting edge CSP research. It was also an excellent chance to develop and expand on our academic networks.

We particularly enjoyed listening to the group from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratoy, USA) discuss their efforts in developing a best practices guide for CSP. They identified the lack of technical data shared between competing CSP companies as a key roadblock to the future of cost effective CSP, and propose that a best practices guide could help alleviate this.
We were also interested in hearing updated performance data from the Crescent Dunes and SEGS CSP plants in Nevada and California, USA, and were happy to hear they are continuing to perform well. These two plants can provide almost 500 MW of electricity to nearby homes and businesses!

The MGA technology attracted considerable attention, earning a special mention in the conference’s closing statement by Dr. Nicolas Calvet, Chair of the Masdar Institute Solar Platform at Khalifa University, UAE.

Perhaps some you of will meet members of our team at the SolarPACES 2019 conference in Daegu, South Korea?

Energy Future 2018

The MGA Team will be attending the Energy Future 2018 Conference from the 5 – 7 February at UNSW in Sydney, Australia!
Members of our team will be presenting talks and posters on our technology, and we would love to see you there.

  • Prof. Erich Kisi will be presenting a general overview of the applicability of miscibility gap alloys to thermal energy storage.
  • Mr. Mark Copus will be presenting his recent work on the “Anisotropy of Graphite matrix Miscibility Gap Alloys”, which explores the effect of a graphite matrix on the bulk thermal conductivity of an MGA system.
  • Mr. Sam Reed will be presenting a poster on “High Temperature Thermal Storage Materials with High Energy Density and Conductivity”, which outlines recent developments in new MGA systems.
  • Mr. Benjamin Fraser will be presenting a poster on on-going research into the charge and discharge of miscibility gap alloys using piped heat transfer fluid.


Please see the official EF2018 site for more information.