Energy Future 2018

The MGA Team will be attending the Energy Future 2018 Conference from the 5 – 7 February at UNSW in Sydney, Australia!
Members of our team will be presenting talks and posters on our technology, and we would love to see you there.

  • Prof. Erich Kisi will be presenting a general overview of the applicability of miscibility gap alloys to thermal energy storage.
  • Mr. Mark Copus will be presenting his recent work on the “Anisotropy of Graphite matrix Miscibility Gap Alloys”, which explores the effect of a graphite matrix on the bulk thermal conductivity of an MGA system.
  • Mr. Sam Reed will be presenting a poster on “High Temperature Thermal Storage Materials with High Energy Density and Conductivity”, which outlines recent developments in new MGA systems.
  • Mr. Benjamin Fraser will be presenting a poster on on-going research into the charge and discharge of miscibility gap alloys using piped heat transfer fluid.


Please see the official EF2018 site for more information.